Thursday, December 10, 2015

Julius' family

Julius' mum, nana and aunty bought in some delicious fruit to share, to say thanks and goodbye as he is off to Perth next year. We loved the fruit!

We wish you all the best, and we will miss you next year. 

Water Fight

We had a lot of fun with our water fight this afternoon!

Miss Eyre blended right into the background.

Bring it on!!

Great fun to start summer with!

Our final Whanau time for 2015

Nikita looked amazing dressed in her Kapa Haka outfit. 

The Kapa Haka performed a few beautiful waiata that everyone enjoyed. 

We are sad to farewell Julius and Havana who are both going to live in Perth next year. We hope they keep in touch with us through email and this blog, and we wish them and their families all the best for the future. 

We also had a butterfly hatch from a chrysallis in our class today - we love nature!

Middle School Picnic

Room 12 and the middle school, all 200 of us, walked down to Henderson Park yesterday for our end of year picnic. 

We had a fantastic day relaxing, playing sports, building huts and some of us even made bow and arrows with Mr Noakes. 

Best teacher aides around!

Daisy chains.


Fun with friends.

Hot potato!

What a fantastic way to end the year. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Learning to Code

On Wednesday Room 12 went to Room 14 and taught them how to code. We were on and it takes you through an hour of code. You can choose to learn on different themes including Frozen, Minecraft and Star Wars. They are all pretty popular!

We all got in the zone.

Mrs Hodder had expert teacher Niko show her the ropes on coding. She got up to Level 12 out of 14!

We were awesome teachers. Keep up your coding skills over the holidays.

Marshmallow slingshots!

We had paper cups, cellotape, balloons, and marshmallows. Tell your family how we made our slingshots.

We measured the distance that the marshmallows flew. How far did yours go?

Some worked better than others!