Thursday, February 28, 2013

What we've learned about this week

This week has been action packed as per usual. Here is the downlow on what we got up to in our learning.

"I liked watching the "NASA Johnson Style video" - Kingston
"We are excited about learning about space" - Vlad
"We had an ICT day with Mr McLay and we learned to take photos. We put them on the computer." Lucia
"I liked writing" - Jerry
"I like writing j's in handwriting" - Noah
"I like teaching" - Sienna
"Our poem is about a birthday and someone is turning 5" - Samantha
"Mr McLay was teaching us lots of games" - Taha
"We learned heaps of games on the computers from Mr McLay. And he showed us the blog" - Luka
"I learned from Mr McLay that we go to 'Cool', then blocks and that's that" - Leilani
"I was doing Brainpop and I was playing on the computers and Mr McLay showed me a train whistle. The train whistle, when you press a button goes "woooo woooo whoooo!" - Hamza
"I learned about Brainpop and Mr McLay showed me a whistle" - Caleb
"I learned the guitar and we had a book that had notes and I could read those key notes" - Ava

Next week on Tuesday we have our Stardome trip which we are all excited about. We will miss Lucia as she is off to Australia for a holiday.

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