Thursday, April 11, 2013

A song and dance

Today we had a chance to dance with ribbons, and to play on the drums - such fun! 

And after an afternoon of skipping too, I think Ruma Ono might be in need of a big sleep tonight and a restful weekend.
PS. On Monday we will have been at school for
50 days which is half way to 100 days
at school. We will be celebrating with a mad Monday, day of halves.
Some fun ideas for Monday:
  • Wear 2 colours only - top half one colour, bottom half a different colour
  • Put gel in half of your hair
  • Dress as 2 different superheros
  • Wear half your hair in a braid, and the other half in a pony tail.
Also remember to bring a dollar for some chips at lunch time.
See you there, for a MAD MONDAY!!!

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