Monday, June 24, 2013

When we were the bosses....

Miss Eyre let us be the bosses today.... Isn't she brave?! Luckily we did a fantastic job of being the teachers for half an hour with a buddy.
Hamza and Ava led us in our morning jobs, and started us having wonderful conversations about what rules we would make if we were the boss of Ruma Ono.

We carried this into our writing, and Taha and Kingston were amazing at helping people to write. They even marked our books!

Luka and Lucia played maths games with us, after we had packed up from writing.

Following morning tea Leilani and Jerry led us in singing our song for the week, The Winter Pokey. They also helped us to read our shared book of the week, Where is Aunty?

Then it was on to our small groups for reading, and Sienna and Caleb were fantastic, patient teachers with us all.

Sienna could even read Gabrielle's wordy worm upside down!

Dylan and Brooke finished our reading groups and kept us all under control until lunch time.

After lunch Noah helped us to do our shape cities and then looked for the best packerer upperer!
Sophie and Gabrielle were amazing at the end of the day as they packed our bags, and let us play Squashed Bananas. Such fun!

Poor Miss Eyre. She actually has to teach tomorrow! But she was so glad to see her class rise to the challenge of being awesome teachers to each other. Well done, Ruma Ono!!

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