Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our best bears

As we are reading the shared book 'My Best Bear' we have had a fun bear filled week. Look at the delicious treats we made!

Faith brought in the biggest bear ever! He sat next to her while she was the special person for the day.

Miss Eyre then gave us the challenge to sort all of our bears in order of size, from smallest to tallest. We had to talk a lot to each other. It was a good challenge!

We finally got there.

Where was your bear in the order of bears?

Then we placed ourselves on the line too, to see if we were taller or shorter than Faiths' bear.
Here are the girls....
And here are the boys? Who was taller than the bear? Who was shorter?
We sure do love our teddy bears!


  1. What cool Bear work! Your Bear cars look very yummy!

  2. What a 'beary' fun thing to do! I don't think I could 'bear' that much fun!
    Ms Hogan

  3. Cameron had a great time introducing his bear to school but really it is his younger brother who wants to stay at school haha