Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our trip to the gymnasium

We caught the bus.....2 times! The first time we only went around the roundabout and then the bus broke down! After Mrs Nummy got the buses sorted we finally got back on the bus after morning tea.  

We all lend up for a fun warm up. We learned straight jump, jump tuck and star jump. 

Then we got started! We did so much jumping and spinning and rolling and balancing.... 

This one was a bit scary for some of us, but we all made Miss a Eyre proud by giving it a go! 

Look at all the activities. Tell your family what you enjoyed the most. 

What an amazing day! We all slept well that night! 

1 comment:

  1. Cameron really loved this trip, he enjoyed all the activities. He is sad that you have finished gymnastics at school and cannot wait for next year. He is attending a gym class every Tuesday and really loves it as you would have seen him in action. Maybe a future gymnast in the making...