Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Working backwards

It's been a while since the last blog post, taku aroha - apologies!
But here we all are, looking spectacularly wacky for Wacky Hair Day.

What a beautiful hairstyle your teacher has. 

And here are a few highlights from Athletics which I was sorry to miss as I had Jury Duty. It sounded like an extremely successful morning though, with lots of fun had by all. 

Sack race. I heard the sack was almost bigger than Heavenly!

Everyone loved the parachute.

We're pretty good at the high jump now. 

And look how far we can jump in the long jump.

We steadily improved in our javelin technique over our practises. 

In Ruma Ono we sometimes get special manuhiri (visitors) from other classes who share some of their learning with us. Here are Ava, Cheyanne and Zac from Room 11 telling us about their mini-me's. 

Here is our funny spring photo to complete our seasons photos for the year. How has our class changed since summer?

Here was another special visitor - a robot! Well, it was Amelia, Felix's sister who is making a very creative project. 

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