Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harold and the Life Education caravan

Today we went into the Life Education Caravan and we met Harold the giraffe and Muriel the human.

Here are some of the things we learned today:

"We need to drink lots of water so we keep healthy" - Cameron
"You do exercise to make your skin good" - Ethan
"We be safe by putting our helmets on" - Hayley
"We need to eat fruit to be strong and help ourselves" - Oscar
"We need lots of sleep because it helps us to grow" - Felix
"I learned to drink some milk to help our teeth and our bones" - Vivian
"Eat fruit" - Richard
"Don't drink juice because your body doesn't like the sugar" - Kyle
"We are all special" - Megan
"VIP means Very Important Person" - Miss Eyre
"There were stars in the caravan and the sun came out" - Ben
"Water doesn't have sugar" - Joshua
'We liked the stars in the caravan" - Josh
"Yogurt is healthy" - Diya

We loved the being in the caravan today, and we are excited about goin in on Friday.


  1. Cameron told me all about his visit and how much he enjoyed it. He sure is looking forward to Friday

  2. Room 6 you have great ideas for staying safe and healthy! Mrs Nummy