Monday, August 25, 2014

Ancient China

Today we had a sensory experience while learning about Ancient China. We are learning about Ancient China because they transformed the world we live in today. We watched a Brainpop Jr short movie on how China has changed the world. Tell your whanau about some of the things that we invented in China.

We drank some peach flavoured tea and watched it brew. We weren't too keen on that! Engari (but) we loved learning how to use chopsticks and we practised using them to eat noodles, which the Chinese also invented. 

We read and looked through a few books on China so that we could see what China was like in the old days. We had lots of questions from looking at the books. 

We also had a try at calligraphy, and we wrote out all the numbers in Chinese from ling (0) to shi (10).

We learned how to play marbles, a game which orignated in China. Then we practised some juggling as the Chinese are also really good at acrobatics! That was fun!

Even Miss Eyre liked using the chopsticks. 

Saqqara had lots of questions after looking in the books. 

Oscar's mum brought in some Chinese things from her house for us to look at. Oscar was our laoshi (teacher) and he explained them to us. 

We also watched a video to help us learn our numbers in chinese. And we listened to a lot of traditional chinese instruments while we were learning and experimenting. What a fun morning!

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