Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our day at MOTAT

Today we had a trip to MOTAT to learn about transformation and changes from 100 years ago.

Tell you family what you saw today. What was your favourite thing to see or do? What were 3 interesting things you learned? What surprised you? Did you do something for the first time today?

I would also like to thank all the parents who came today - all 12 of them! When Nic and I were added to the mix, that was 14 adults to 19 children; that made my life very easy today. All parents engaged in meaningful conversations with their children and other students in my class, and I could hear them using their white hat thinking when talking about the facts, and the 'good old days'. It was a bit unnerving seeing some toys that we used to play with in a museum, but we all had a good laugh about that, too.

So here is a great big

Thank You! for all of your help and support today. 

We did have to wait for our bus for a wee while.

We learned about Sir Edmund Hillary being the first man to climb the tallest mountain in the world. That is why he is on our $5 note. 

Look at all this old transport.

We had fun in the old school house. Miss Eyre told us not to have fun, because school sounded like it wasn't fun at all in the old days, especially when compared to how awesome Room 6 is! :)

Miss Eyre didn't think teaching sounded like that much fun either. That was confirmed by the rule about not being able to hang out by the ice-cream shop!

In the village we found lots of old shops and products they used to sell. Some were the same, but lots were different. We wondered what 'nut meat' was....

The mirror maze was exciting, and confusing!

How many Faiths' can you see?

Simone and Suzanne pointed out their first bikes. 

The tram was late too, but we were very patient waiting for it. 

Use your muscles, Heavenly!

Who's that funny looking teacher?

She sure loves taking photos of herself!

When we went in the Discovery Room we learned a lot about the old days. 
Tell your family what you played with in this room.

Mackenzie had to use the chamber pot. 

Looking pretty swish!

Looking like Mr Maindonald in their cheesecutter hats!

What did you discover on this table?

The double decker bus was fun on the way home. 

Phew, what a big day! 


  1. Cameron and Mike had a great day and lots was shared with me, even his unfortunate head butt with the bus on the way home when he fell asleep haha

  2. Well sounds like a wonderful day room 6.
    Love reading about it and seeing the lovely photos. I could see alot of Faith's Raika in the mirror maze photo. :-)