Monday, June 22, 2015

MOTAT trip

We had a fantastic day at MOTAT yesterday. We started the day with Anna taking us for a lesson in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and how this applied in the old days. Tell your family what you learned.

Getting water wasn't as easy as it is today.

What was this that Anna is holding?

This table was full of 'rubbish' and we had to think creatively about how we could reuse some of the items. What did you come up with?

Room 12 looked pretty dapper in their new gears!

The old telephones were fun, once we figured out how to use them! Lucky we had adults old enough to remember, haha!

School didn't seem as fun. There were some strict rules for students and teachers. Tell your family about them.

We pumped some water in the village.

Here are some interesting mannequins.

This is an old toilet called a chamber pot. I like the toilets we use a lot better!

The ride on the tram was fun and we met the Motorman - tram driver. 

Shakira became our Motorwoman!

Here is some cool art that has been made from old materials that could be reused. 

The Welcome to the Machine exhibition was a crowd favourite. We got to jump and play and touch everything!

We learned about pulleys, wedges, cranks and how machines work together. 

These robots were also made from recycled materials. 

We found some jail birds, too!

It was an awesome trip. Thanks so much to all the awesome adult help we had!

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