Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A busy week of learning and making new friends

Cameron showed us some of his home learning. He has his older brother's word cards, and they are helping him to learn! What great thinking!!

Our shared book is about bubbles, and we made bubble art. Tell your family how we made these beautiful pieces. 

We have also been having fun with our buddy class. They are in Room 22 with Miss Leader, and we hang out once a week and do some reading with each other. 

And then we made fairy bread today, because we are learning about the letter 'f'. 

Tell your family about the ingredients we used, and what steps we used to make them. We also used a cookie cutter to make cool shapes. What shapes did you make?

It was delicious!! 


  1. Really fun and nice try, hope Oscar can teach us how to cook this at home :)

  2. Hi Room Six - it's great to share in your learning. Cameron is Leading his Learning really well by using his older brother's word cards.
    PS - I'm glad they weren't real worms you ate, I don't think real worms would taste very nice at all.
    Keep up the great learning.
    From Mr Maindonald

  3. Well done Cameron! Soon it will be time to start teaching your little brother the words! Perhaps we'll wait until he turns 4 though!

  4. Hi Ruma Ono,
    Your blog page shows all the amazing learning happening in your room. Your jelly worms looked like the worms I find in my garden. It is great to see your learning inside and outside the classroom.
    You are awesome!
    From Mrs Yukich