Tuesday, July 22, 2014

100 days smarter: Part 2

We have been counting the days with straws and with our flip chart. Our velcro 100's board was used a lot today. We were trying to look for patterns in the numbers and colours. 

After we had shown all our displays we had a disco in the hall to all our favourite songs.

Go, Richard!

We love singing "Let it go" from Frozen. 

Then we estimated how far 100 steps would take us from the edge of the courts on to the field. 

This is how far we got! What long legs we must have. 

We also did 100 exercises in groups of ten. We started with 10 press-ups, 10 jumping jacks and carried on until we were well worn out. 

Then we enjoyed 100 seconds on the playground. We had so much fun Miss Eyre extended it by another 100 minutes. 

What a cool day filled with lots of learning. Can't wait to see you apopo on Day 101!


  1. Cameron enjoyed the 100 day party. It also meant he had been at school for 1 whole year as his main visit was on the 100 day party last year.

  2. Wow- what great day the children had. Ben was very tired and content that evening. Poonam