Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We are 100 days smarter!

What a fun filled day we have had. 100 days at school, something to be very proud of. Look at all of the hundreds of items we bought in to school today.

Some of us grouped in groups of 10. Others counted in 1's. We now know that 10 groups of 10 equals 100 items.

Ben brought in 100 leaves.

Oscar's shells were cool.

Vivian loves her loom bands.

Felix had the smallest pasta in the world!

Ethan's shells fitted into groups of ten nicely.

Mackenzie had been saving bottle tops since she was 4!

Richard brought in some interesting plastic items.

Joshua H. had some very bright, colourful feathers.

Diya had 100 chickpeas.

Kayden and Nic had their jobs cut out for them counting tiny pieces of rice. You have to look at this picture very carefully to see them all!

Hayley enjoyed counting her colourful pasta. 

Joshua bought in 100 buttons of all sizes. 

Saqqara had lots of stickers, 100 in fact!

Kyle shared with us his cool cards. 

Byron had 100 pieces of macaroni.

Cameron had 100 stickers, and all of them had his name on them!

Faith has so many hair ties for her long hair. 

We played with equipment afterwards, making groups of 100. 

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  1. My Cameron stickers are awesome but some of them were hard to get off the backing sheet haha..