Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fraction Friday

As we have been learning a lot about fractions and equal sharing, today we got given a handful of equipment, and we had to figure out what fraction it could be split into.

Some numbers like 12 could be split into halves, quarters and thirds. 

We could also make links to our times tables that we are learning as well!

Connor learned that 13 could be split into 4 groups if each group had 3 and 1/4! 

Justin found that that number 30 could be split into 10ths.

Nicole could tell me that 3/4's of 20 is 15.

And Lily found out that 96 could be split into 1/4's as there would be 24 in each group!

We are pretty smart and inquisitive in Room 12. 

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