Thursday, May 14, 2015

Many Stars are Born!

Room 12 have been reading lots of "The Value of...." stories, and today's one was The Value of Humour. We learned about Will Rogers of America who loved to make people laugh, especially in hard times. 

This linked nicely into the plays that some of the reading groups have been doing this week. 

The Sam-I-Am's presented a play called "Shhhh, We're Watching Tv". Tell your family what it was about and what you enjoyed the most. 

It was so lovely to see the audience laughing and enjoying the play so much. 

Then the Sneetches performed "Three Billy Goats Gruff" outside the classroom. It was another humorous play that we all enjoyed!

The last play we watched was by the Loraxes who performed "Don't Forget Grandma" and they did a marvellous performance, too. 

Nikita had taught some of the class the haka she learned at Kapahaka and we had a mini performance of that, too. It was a busy afternoon of performing arts!

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