Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our class teachers

A few Fridays ago Manasa was our Art Teacher. He is an expert at drawing his trademark ninja's.

He was an excellent, patient teacher who broke down each step as he taught. We all drew amazing ninja's ourselves under his training. 

We showed great team work and perseverance while having fun!

It inspired a few other artists to teach their peers in small groups, too. 

Adelka borrowed a book from Miss Eyre's library, and she brought it back the next day - because she had read it all in one night! She gave us an excellent review of the book in her own words, and I have a feeling this book will now be read by a few of Room 12. It sounded like it was pretty funny.

Miss Eyre actually did some of her own teaching, as well (which can be hard to do when your class are expert teachers themselves!). We talked a lot about fractions. Room 12 are pretty awesome at knowing that fractions must be equal.

Our problem to end the day was "If Miss Eyre gave everyone 1/4 of an apple as a snack, how many apples would she need if there were 21 students at school that day?"

Being the smart cookies we are, we worked it out together. Tell your whanau how many apples we needed and how you figured it out. 

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