Thursday, March 26, 2015

Enviro Week and Connor's Science Experiment

Connor came in today to teach us about colour mixing in science. 

Tell your whanau what equipment he needed.

What were the paper towels for?

What happened? Was your hypothesis correct? 

How long did we observe the experiment for?
Thanks Connor for being a great teacher today!

It has been Enviro Week this week, so there has been lots going on around the school. Tell your family some of the new things that you have noticed.

We have a new bamboo feature outside our classroom. It's a musical instrument, and there are colourful tree stumps to sit on, and rocks to play Naughts and Crosses. We can thank Rooms 13 and 14 for that.

Our Enviro Art Project has been painting a Dr Seuss photo booth. We will cut out the head shape and you will be able to stick your head in, and you will be transformed into either Thing 1, Thing 2, or The Cat in the Hat.

We have done a fantastic job of sharing out the painting over the week. 

We have also been doing art inside the classroom, looking at autumn leaves, from the perspective of under the tree. Miss Eyre is so impressed with the beautiful pieces of art we have made so far. 

There are a few more finishing touches and then they will be complete. 

And finally, here is a cool design of a box that Han made in the afternoon. We are a creative bunch!

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