Monday, March 2, 2015

Home Learning and Sharing

Last week it was the Baha'i holiday of Ayyam-i-Ha, which is a celebration of hospitality and giving. Manasa's mum came in with popcorn for everyone, and Manasa shared what the day meant to him. He also came in with cupcakes a day later. Thanks for sharing your faith with us Manasa and family!

We were most thankful. 

Havana has bought in a very funny and interesting book which is an encyclopaedia of all things immature. She showed us some of the cool things in her book. 

Look how funny she is!

We are talking a lot about Tiny Houses (usually a whole house made up of just one room), and Connor, Manasa and Yashv decided to design and make a house out of this math equipment. How creative. 

Han came in today and showed me his English book of learning. He can speak 2 languages fluently. Miss Eyre can only speak one! I will have to have some lessons from Han (and Connor and Jonathan) so that I can learn some more Chinese from them.

Our resident scientist, Nicole, made some edible glitter last night. Ask her how she made it. 

I love all the home learning going on in Room 12. Keep your eyes posted for this Friday as Jacob is bringing in a science experiment to share, too. 

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