Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Science Continues....

Miss Eyre decided it was about time she did some science with the class too, even though she hasn't been the science teacher this year yet, as all of the students are covering it. Amazing!

But she brought in a hard boiled egg and we have put it in vinegar for the last 3 days. What is your hypothesis on what will happen? Why do you think the egg was hard boiled?

What happened to the egg on the first day?

Then today Nikita brought in her cool magnets and showed us some of her tricks. 

She held one and spun the other one around without even touching it. 

How did the magnet stay on the paper?

What other trick did you like?

Han made the connection to other magnets in the class - great Blue Hat thinking, Han. You are thinking about thinking!

Then Manasa did 2 experiments. The first one used the equipment: a plastic container, water, pepper and a tiny bit of soap on his finger. Tell your whanau what happened.

Then we had a noisy one, with a balloon filled with air, and a balloon filled with water, and we held them both over a tiny tea light candle that had been lit. 

What happened to both of the balloons?

Finally, our Dr Seuss photo booth is almost finished. We just need the faces to be jigsawed out, then we are good to take lots of photos!

Have a great Easter Holiday with your families, and stay safe.

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