Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trip to the Waitakere Refuse and Transfer Station

We put on our safety gear for our tour of the transfer station.

You could spot us a mile away!

Sarah and her husband have created an awesome space, using materials only from the transfer station. What did you like the most?

Look at this cool deck area. 

What did you like on the tour? What was interesting?

What happened to these fridges and appliances?

What are these? 

How could you reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away?

Look at all of the cool designs in the classroom area.

We found the worm farm, and our food scraps from morning tea went straight to them!

What was this? What did it do?

Look at this beautiful upcycled table. 

Adrain gave us a really interesting lesson on how we can produce less waste. Tell your whanau what you learned? 

The first rubbish sack we held was heavy, even though a few of us could hold it with our pinky finger!

We tipped all the rubbish out and resorted it into the right bins. What bins were there for our sorting?

How big was the bag after we had sorted the rubbish properly? Yes, only about a third of the size! 

It was a very inspiring day, for the students and the adults! Miss Eyre is wondering how she is going to come back to get some free wood to make planter boxes for her garden at home. 

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