Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our resident scientist, Nicole

Nicole brought in her science experiment last week. Her equipment was a bottle of Diet Coke (which worked better than normal Coke she said), and a packet of Mentos. Can you remember what she did and what happened? Tell your whanau. It was pretty cool.

As we are writing our own autobiographies at the moment, Miss Eyre showed us a real published one that she is reading by Amy Poehler. We liked how she had real pictures and report cards in their from her own childhood. 

Lily and her reading group read a book called Pencils and Pens this week, and we discovered how people used to write in the olden days. We learned about slates and slate boards. Lily surprised us the next day by bringing in a slate board to show us. What a natural teacher you are, Lily!

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