Thursday, March 12, 2015

Paying It Forward - Dr Seuss Style!

We have decided that our Pay It Forward Challenge this year will be to make some Dr Seuss inspired books for the Kindergartens around our areas. We know that Dr Seuss first started writing kids books to help children to read, so we thought we could do that, too!

Yesterday we visited the kindy next door, Sturges Rd Kindergarten, and we collaborated with the students there. 

We asked them what books they like to read and what types of characters are in those stories. 

We discovered some interesting characters, and used our Green Hat (creativity) to come up with combinations of some animals eg. A Duckosaurus!

Our new little friends liked helping us, and we liked gathering information from them. 

Today we collaborated further in our groups. With the information gathered yesterday we are now creating our new characters and thinking about the plot for our narrative.

It is pretty fun making up new Dr Seuss words, which can be any crazy, dazy, mazy old words!

We used our devices as art tools today as some of us might design our characters on them. We also took a few photos to remind ourselves so that we can keep on thinking on the weekend about our book project. 

What amazing teamwork. 

We have also learned new vocabulary this week.

Tell your whanau what these words mean:

synonym (not to be confused with cinnamon!)

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